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Sport clubs winner never quit and quitters never win Vince lombardi.

Veena Memorial PG College(VMPGC,Karauli)

The Veena Memorial PG College is estbilished by Shri Ajay Singh Ji in the memory of his inspiration, wife, friend and an educationist Late Smt. Veena Singh Ji in the year 2006. The present Social Scenario is an admixture of several paradoxes. On the one hand the speedy development of Science & Technology has made the society invincible in many respects whereas on the other hand the man has come to the lowest ebb of Human Values. The sanctity of HUMAN RELATIONS has gone to the air and the man has become entirely mad after MONEY which has led to the heights of CORRUPT Practices in every field & corner. Resultantly the Politicians, the Economists, the Social activists, the Intellectual giants and the Entrepreneurs-ALL are in a FIX. Open the pages of History and you will find that persons like Chanakya, Kautilaya, Gandhi, Vivekanand have brought a revolutionary change in the social, political, economic & educational currents of the day. Read the Biographies of the challengers & Revolutionaries and you will find that they all had some or the other Educational Vision plus Mission.

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We, at Veena Memorial P.G College, strive to provide a unique learning experience to our students by keeping pace with change and development and helping students to inculcate skills that will help them to face the challenges of contemporary life. Our constant endeavour is to provide the best infrastructural facilities to the students. We have excellent computer laboratories equipped with the latest technology to provide a hand on experience to every student.

Our all laboratories are constantly upgraded with the latest equipment. The facility of smart class along with a knowledge centre which is powered by the world's largest repository of digital content is also available to make learning exciting and interesting. Innumerable competitions at different levels and in all areas give the students a platform for developing their skills and acquiring confidence in the midst of a highly competitive environment.

“Education is to equip young minds with tools to soar high and think beyond thinking"

Education is essential for every individual. Without education, no country can prosper and vie with the challenges that lie ahead in the rapidly growing globalised economy. Education enables a man/woman to realise his/her talents and understand his/her responsibilities to boost his/her personal growth and to make him/her a worthy citizen. Over the past decade, the environment of education has been dramatically changed. We now live in an era where critical understandings of the global dimensions to learn and develop students as global citizens are gaining importance. A quality education system including quality teaching is vital for achieving success in the global arena. At the same time locating a quality service provider is critical in attaining success.

In an attempt to provide quality service, Veena Memorial P.G. College strives to generate good citizens. Besides, VMPGC inculcates the social values in the students and ignites their minds to perform their best. We firmly believe in adherence to values that are most relevant to the academic community, anchored on the concept of integrity. VMPGC is a centre of excellence and aims to dedicate itself fully to meet the vision of India by transforming students into highly talented individuals with commitment and unity.

I wholeheartedly wish the best of luck to all those who seek admission to VMPGC and welcome you to our door to success.




Veena Memorial PG College

The QUINTESSENCE is that EDUCATION is the only PANACEA through which MASS AWAKENING can be created and thereby the disruptions all over may be emanated. With this conviction, Veena Memorial SSEEWA Society thought to step into ACADEMICS and so started VM PG College in ARTS faculty so as to build up mass consciousness through the studies of HUMANITIES because HUMANITIES include culture, past heritage, inspirational anecdotes, growth & development of the social values & norms and entire ecology and geography of a nation.

VM PG College imparts teaching & training in ELEVEN subjects through its qualified, experienced and committed faculty & staff. It possesses all the infrastructural facilities as per university norms. The labs are well equipped & maintained. There is rich Library with latest text & reference books and journals. The students & staff are free to use maximum use of library, its accessories and ICT available with the institution. Although we are not satisfied with the present conditions yet we are keen to prove our worth with more enthusiasm, zeal & fervour.

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Separated they live in. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country

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Separated they live in. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country

Veena Memorial PG College


I am an ambitious workaholic, but apart from that, pretty simple person.